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The final chapter. This is really going to hurt. :’(

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Ra Vincent (Set Decorator): 

"We put emphasis on an Eastern aesthetic, suggesting these Dwarves had travelled far afield in the course of their trading, so everything felt a little bit more foreign than most of what we had seen in Middle-earth up to that point.

Daniel Falconer (Weta Workshop Designer):

"Many of the Dwarf weapons were emblazoned with stylized iconography featuring rams, boars, ravens and other animals with attributes that our designers imagined the Dwarves might revere. There was even a Mûmak, perhaps the Iron Hills harbour a breed of woolly, mammoth-like Mûmakil?

Bob Buck (Costume Designer):

"The soldiers seen battling outside Moria against Azog and his Orcs were significantly more broken down, with less uniformity and a mish-mash of armour parts over leather costumes. Some lacked helmets or chest-plates while others went without pauldrons or greaves. It was all in an effort to show how desperate and bedraggled Thorin’s people had become by this point in the story.


Next pages: Thrain’s Costume, Thror’s Costume

Collective tag link: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Cloaks and Daggers 

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Beorn’s den/lair/home.

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Richard. I wonder if he knows how wonderful he helps make the world? Taken from Pinterest.

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